Agenda Gabilos

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Powerful professional contact book


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A simple but powerful contact book that you'll learn to master in 30 minutes.

Agenda Gábilos is a comprehensive contact book and task agenda with all kinds of details and a powerful search function. You can find a person's number without even having to remember their name.

It includes: document management for offices, meeting follow-up, and an unlimited amount of phone numbers, addresses, and emails for each entry. You can also make an entry for a business and add its employees within it.

The search tool allows you to locate the person you're looking for, even with just one characteristic that you've included in their information: (blond, attractive, carpenter, accountant) or a combination of several.

From within the agenda you can access a word processor, graphing sheet, database, filters for automatic emailing, damage control...

It's a useful tool for anyone in administration, sales, or executive assistant positions, just to name a few examples.